SeriesTotal number of productsConnector Description
BM1088 Products0.4mm contact spacing, 0.8mm stacking height, Board-to-FPC connector
BM1440 Products0.4 mm Pitch, 0.8 / 1.3 mm Stacking Height, FPC to Board Connectors
BM208 Products0.4 mm Pitch, 0.8 mm Stacking Height, Board to Board / FPC to Board Connectors
DF12203 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 3-5mm, Two-piece connector
DF1568 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 4-8mm, Two-piece connector
DF1644 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 2-2.5mm, Two-piece connector
DF17133 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 5-8mm, Two-piece connector
DF1827 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 1.5mm, Board-to-FPC, Two-piece connector
DF2341 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 1.5mm, Board-to-FPC, Two-piece connector
DF262 Products1.1mm contact spacing low profile compression connectors
DF30149 Products0.4mm contact spacing, 0.9mm stacking height PCB to PCB, PCB to FPC connectors
DF37231 Products0.4mm contact spacing, 1.0mm height, Board-to-board, board-to-FPC connectors
DF40180 Products0.4mm contact spacing, 1.5mm stacking height PCB to PCB, PCB to FPC connectors
DF9167 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 4.3mm, Two-piece connector
FX114 ProductsMultipin, Half-pitch, Two-piece connector
FX10141 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 4-5mm, Two-piece connector with ground
FX11188 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 2-3mm, Two-piece connector with ground
FX1214 Products0.4mm pitch, board-to-board stacking height of 1.5mm connector with double shielding structure
FX1835 ProductsHigh-speed transmission board-to-board connectors
FX2319 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 12-16mm, Two-piece connector
FX2020 Products0.5 mm Pitch, Double Beam Contacts, Floating Stacking Connectors
FX2M64 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 28.2-66mm, Two-piece connector
FX4161 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 5-11mm(SMT 6-11mm), Two-piece connector
FX538 ProductsVertical connection, Two-piece connector
FX6156 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 5-9mm, Two-piece connector
FX864 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 3-4mm, Two-piece connector
FX8C191 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking height of 5-16mm, Two-piece connector
GT946 ProductsBottom entry inner connector for automotive equipment
HIF3FC64 ProductsBox-shaped, Two-piece connector
HIF3H109 ProductsPin header type, Two-piece connector
HIF6A117 ProductsMultifunction and multipin, Half-pitch connectors, Two-piece connector
IT137 ProductsBoard-to-board connectors for high speed transmission
IT236 ProductsBoard-to-board stacking connectors for high speed transmission.
IT346 ProductsHigh-Speed(10+Gbps) BGA Mezzanine Connectors
MA187 ProductsConnectors for 2.5 inch HDD connection
MCN514 ProductsHigh current, high density, power connectors
MDF14A20 ProductsBoard-to-board vertical post header
MDF7339 ProductsBottom entry type connector, Two-piece connector
PCN10229 ProductsCompliant to DIN standard, Compliant to IEC603-2/DIN41612 standard
PCN10F30 ProductsCompliant to DIN standard, Coaxial and high current contact composite type, Compliant to IEC603-2/DIN41612 standard
PCN1252 ProductsCompliant to DIN standard, Compliant to IEC603-2/DIN41612 standard
PCN1347 ProductsCompliant to DIN standard, Compliant to IEC603-2/DIN41612 standard
XG122 ProductsHigh Speed SMT Mezzanine Connector Supporting 10+ Gbps XG1 Seriesonnect Solutions 0.5 mm Pitch / Stacking Height 15 to 38 mm