HRS连接器,SD卡座,SD Memory Card Connectors,广泛应用于笔记本电脑、数码相机、PDA、视听设备等领域。DM1AA-SF-PEJ(21),DM1AA-SF-PEJ(72),DM1AA-SF-PEJ(82),DM1AA-SF-PEJ(87),DM1B-DSF-PEJ(82)

● Withstands higher force of card insertion.
● No damage to cards and card-lock mechanism when accidentally pulled-out.
● Accidental card fall-out prevention.
● Built-in Push-in/Push-out ejection mechanism assures simple and reliable card insertion and withdrawal.
● Designed to accept Secure Digital (SD) I/O Card (Built-in ground contact) and MMC Card.
  Notebook PC, Digital cameras (DSC), Portable terminals (PDA), Audio-visual equipment

Characteristic Specifications
No. of Positions 9
Current Rating(Amps)(Max.) 0.5
PCB Mount Type SMT
Generic Name SD Memory Card
Contact Mating Area Plating Gold
Terminal Pitch (mm) 2.5
Contact Spacing (mm) 2.5
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) -25 to 85
Connector Type Board mounting
Mating/Unmating Cycles 10000
IC Card SD Memory Card
Mounted Height (mm) 2.9

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